Ways to make your voice heard

The views and opinions of students form an essential part of the decision-making process within LCCA. All students are encouraged to become involved with initiatives and discussions at a unit, programme and college wide level. To ensure ongoing communications with student, the following opportunities and schemes are in place.

The Student Council

The Student Council provides students with the opportunity to engage conversations to inform the management of quality assurance and the enhancement of study programmes and the student experience.

The Student Council Scheme is run by the Student Council President and both deputies who will provide leadership to the LCCA student body and represent them.

If you’re interested, here’s how the process works:

At the beginning of the academic year, within each of our courses, students select representatives, known as Student Council Members.  Students will also need to appoint a Deputy Student Council Member, who will work closely with the Student Council Member to share responsibilities. The Student President and Deputy President are elected by the student body after an election campaign in which candidates set out their aims and objectives.  

The role of Student Council Members is to collect feedback from their class and present it to Heads of School and senior management in regular meetings and committees organised throughout the year. A training session available for Student Council Members, where additional explanation and information is provided to ensure you have a understanding of your responsibilities and how the college supports you in your role.

More information about the Student Council Scheme is available to students in the Student Representative Handbook and Student Engagement Handbook, which can be collected from the Student Engagement team. For further information you can email

Student Council Forum

The purpose of this meeting is to discuss student engagement initiatives and to gather feedback on operational matters from the student council members. It is also an opportunity for the college to provide responses to the points raised by students. This meeting takes place six times per year.

Course Team Meetings

Student representative, who are also members of the Student Council attend regularly team meetings chaired by their Programme Manager, and have the opportunity to engage in review and discussion of matters arising from teaching and learning.

Student Engagement and Enhancement Forum

This forum provides an opportunity for all students to engage directly with senior college managers on issues that are important to their student experience. It is a great opportunity to provide feedback that will help improve college services and overall student’s experience.

This forum is organised twice per year and students across all programmes are invited to attend.

Course Focus Group

Allows students to meet with Programme managers and course lecturers and to discuss matters of mutual interest.

You Said We Did Feedback  

LCCA is committed to enhance student experience and we work in partnership with students to improve our services and the overall student’s experience in the college.

Changes within the college are being made as a response to students’ ideas, suggestions and feedback gathered via regular surveys, meetings and committees organised throughout the academic year. The feedback provided through posters, and online emphasizes the importance of student opinions and views in the decision-making process within the college.

Suggestion box

You have the chance to provide your suggestions, recommendations and ideas regarding the day to day running of your course by making use of the suggestion boxes located in the Library and Student Lounge.

Other meetings and committees

Student representatives are invited to provide feedback on various matters affecting their experience in the college by attending other meetings that take place regularly throughout academic year. These meetings are: School Board Meeting, Quality Committee and Academic Board.

We look forward to working with you.

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